From the Book Survival Prepping by Jason Ryder Adams

Your Sealing In Supplies Checklist

NOTE: This checklist is meant to supplement the Hunkering Down supplies checklist.

Make sure you gather everything on BOTH lists to be prepared for sealing yourself in.

Print this checklist on your printer, and use it to build up your emergency supplies.

 ▢  Duct tape

 ▢  Scissors

 ▢  Plastic sheeting (polyethylene sheeting, alternative: plastic garbage bags, plastic shower curtain liners, plastic drop cloths)

 ▢  Soap

 ▢  Alcohol based hand sanitizer

 ▢  Toilet paper

 ▢  Facial tissues

 ▢  Deodorant

 ▢  Chlorine bleach and disinfectants

 ▢  Honey buckets or garbage bags for human waste

 ▢  Baking soda and/or quicklime

 ▢  HEPA filter (central or freestanding)

 ▢  Water - 3 gallons per day per person, 10-day supply minimum

 ▢  Food - 10 day supply

 ▢  Can opener

 ▢  Eating utensils - plastic knives, forks and spoons, plates, paper cups

 ▢  Dish soap

 ▢  First aid kit

 ▢  Bandages, cotton pads, elastic wraps, gauze and medical tape

 ▢  Rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and witch hazel

 ▢  Aspirin

 ▢  Anti-diarrhea medications

 ▢  Multi Vitamins

 ▢  Cough and Cold medicines

 ▢  Prescription medications

 ▢  N95 masks

 ▢  Latex gloves - use polyurethane or vinyl if you have a latex allergy

 ▢  Toilet paper

 ▢  Deodorant

 ▢  Disinfectants

 ▢  Mobile/cell phone with external/spare charged batteries

 ▢  Transistor radio with batteries

 ▢  Flashlights or battery-powered lanterns, with extra batteries

 ▢  Baby wipes

 ▢  Toiletries (feminine products, shampoo, soap, shaving cream, and toothpaste)

 ▢  Diapers

 ▢  Infant formula

 ▢  Children's favorite pillows, blankets, clothing

 ▢  Tool Box

 ▢  Pet food and water

 ▢  Pet medicine, first aid kit, flea and tick treatment

 ▢  Pet litter, newspapers

 ▢  Pet toys and treats

 ▢  Board games and other entertainment

 ▢  Buckets, bottles, and containers

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