From the Book Survival Prepping by Jason Ryder Adams

Your Bug-out Bag and Vehicle Kit Supplies Checklist

Print this checklist on your printer, and use it to build up your emergency supplies.

Bug-out Bag Checklist

 ▢  Water (as much as you can carry)

 ▢  Water bottle with built-in purifier/filter

 ▢  Water purifying tablets

 ▢  Ready-to-eat/self-heating camping meals

 ▢  Dehydrated food

 ▢  Food that bulks when cooked (rice, oatmeal)

 ▢  Energy bars and granola bars

 ▢  Nuts and dried fruit

 ▢  First aid kit

 ▢  First aid booklet

 ▢  Prescription medications

 ▢  Toothbrush and toothpaste

 ▢  Compact pop-up tent

 ▢  Sleeping bag

 ▢  Backpacking tent

 ▢  Sleeping bag

 ▢  Mess kit/cookware

 ▢  Utensil kit (knife, fork, spoon)

 ▢  Collapsible camping cup

 ▢  Flashlight or lantern and spare batteries

 ▢  Matches in sealed container

 ▢  Sharp hunting knife

 ▢  Backpacking saw

 ▢  Compass

 ▢  Sewing kit

 ▢  Work gloves

 ▢  Sunscreen

 ▢  Bug spray

 ▢  Rain gear (poncho and ran paints)

 ▢  Garbage bags

 ▢  Document case with legal and financial documents

 ▢  Cash (paper currency and coins)

 ▢  Keys (to home and bug-out location)

 ▢  Barter items (gold and silver bullion coins, numismatics, jewelry, additional supplies)

 ▢  Personal protection (pepper spray, gun, ammunition)

 ▢  Towel

 ▢  Washcloth

 ▢  Hand sanitizer

 ▢  Dry shampoo

 ▢  Biodegradable camping wipes (bathing substitute)

 ▢  Empty spray bottle (bathing substitute)

 ▢  Hiking toilet paper and biodegradable wipes

 ▢  Facial tissues (compact package)

 ▢  Hiking shoes or boots (not packed, but ready to put on and go)

 ▢  Foot cream and adhesive bandages

Vehicle Kit Checklist

 ▢  Additional water

 ▢  Additional food

 ▢  Canned meats, soups, chili, beans, and stews

 ▢  Canned fruits and vegetables

 ▢  Aseptic packaged soup, fruit juices, and drinks

 ▢  Can opener

 ▢  Small camping stove

 ▢  Lighter

 ▢  Matches in plastic, resealable bag

 ▢  Plastic utensils, bowls, cups

 ▢  Heavy duty tent

 ▢  Heavier sleeping bags

 ▢  Tarp, rope, and stakes

 ▢  Vehicle fuel (store separately from kit, put in vehicle just before bugging out)

Additional Items for Children and Pets

 ▢  Children: Medication

 ▢  Children: Diapers

 ▢  Children: Wipes

 ▢  Children: Crackers

 ▢  Children: Change of clothes

 ▢  Children: A comfort blanket or toy

 ▢  Children: A pacifier

 ▢  Pet: Carrier or leash

 ▢  Pet: Backpack with harness

 ▢  Pet: Food

 ▢  Pet: Water

 ▢  Pet: Collapsible bowl

 ▢  Pet: Canned pet food

 ▢  Pet: Copy of pet's health records

 ▢  Pet: Photo of pet

 ▢  Pet: Flea and tick treatment

 ▢  Pet: Medications

 ▢  Pet: Favorite pet toy or blanket

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